From simple income properties to the complex special purpose property, Kilty and Company has significant experience and expertise in the commercial markets. You can place confidence in the wide variety of appraisal and consultng services provided that can assist you with your valuation needs. Kilty and Company is well versed in appraisals for lending, estate, eminent domain, litigation and diminshed value purposes. Numerous lending institutions rely on David Kilty, MAI, SRA for appraisal review services as well.

There is an active multi-family property market in the Denver metropolitan area. Our experience with apartment properties and multi-family land can help you understand your property, whether it be an investment or collateral for a loan.

Eminent domain



Dedicated to arm's-length analysis and valuation of commercial, residential and special purpose properties. Directed by David Kilty, MAI, SRA, Kilty and Company can assist you in a wide variety of real property valuation needs including valuation for estates, eminent domain, title disputes and financing. 


David M. Kilty, MAI, SRA

Working with both property owners and condemning authorities, Kilty and Company has over 27 years of experience in appraising for eminent domain takings.